Poetry by Wayne Stokes


He was and is the true bread of heaven
He was and is the living water flowing free
He willingly laid down His life and took it up again
once and for all paying in full redemption’s price for you and me.
God’s Word became flesh and lived among us
Jesus...God’s only begotten Son
His body was broken for the Father’s holy purpose
that we could be cleansed and nourished by all He had said and done.
just like wine poured from a wineskin
His blood flowed freely out that day
out of wounds He suffered for each and every person’s sin
on down through all of time’s passing way.
He is living water like that water at the canaan wedding
touched by God and turned into the best wine for all
perfect sacrifice to pay the perfect price
providing healing and life to all who will answer His call.
in rememberance of Him repeat what He taught that passover
in reverance break the bread and pour out the wine
carry in your heart and spirit what He did at calvary
examine yourself under His light devine.
in His pureness and innocence He bore our heavy burden of sin
He was sentenced and put to death in place of you and me
He was beaten and ridiculed yet He counted it as joy
He carried our punnishment and shame there on that tree.
but before you partake of the Lord’s supper...
take a look at self, what does it all mean to you?
it meant enough for the Savior to stake His life on it
will you stake your life on it too?
these are but symbols for our rememberance...
but o what it is a rememberance for...
for God’s mercy, and grace and the abundant life He poured out and still gives...
a rememberance for salvation, healing, joy unspeakable...
that still lies in store.

w.t. stokes


  have faith...
i heard a man on the television say...”have faith!”
he said bad days are just good days in disguise...
the way he said it...it just sounded so wise.
he said parents need to sit and talk with their kids
and tell them that they just...must...”have faith!”
he said that it could be a spiritual experience.
that sounds OK until you really think about it...
“have faith!”...have confidence, allegiance, piety,
belief without proof, belief that stays true...”have faith!”
and i ask...in what?...in who?
God’s Word says to have faith in Him...
combined with works, for and in, Him
for faith without works is dead
so having faith for faith’s sake alone...
means nothing...absolutely nothing!
everyone has some faith for God says He gives man the measure of faith
but again i ask...in what?...in who?
for faith requires action...faith has to do...or it has to die
take this into consideration...
God is not a man that He should lie!
and the one on television is just that...a man...
a man that makes his living from what he tells you while on the TV
both of these faiths are life changing.
both of these faiths are life rearranging.
false faith that is dead or true faith that is living...
the false...or the true...
the choice and it’s consequences of life and death...
are all left up to you!



  not ashamed

i am not ashamed...
i know who i trust in
and i fully believe that He...only He
has what it takes...He makes no mistakes
and He is more than completely able
to keep and hold fast all that i have entrusted to Him...
against that day.
i am not ashamed...
of the Word of God...written or living
for both are His power to all that dare believe.
He is the truth...and can be held in righteousness or unrighteousness
it can be revealed from faith to faith...
or it can be revealed from heaven as wrath.
i am not ashamed...
of the One who made me whole...and holy...
Christ Jesus...who set Himself aside from life...unto death
that i might be set aside from death...unto life.
He rose again to newness of life as the first fruits...
that i can follow in His path
and be free from the wrath...that is to come.
i am not ashamed...
to love in return...the One who loved me first...and best
through Him...i fear no tribulation or test...
i will overcome because i belong to the Overcomer.
come what may, i will stand firm unto the end
for He is my Lord, my God, and my best friend...
in whom i’ve placed my all...
i am not ashamed.



reflections...on reflections

have you ever taken the time for introspection
on the topic of reflection?
just as one may suspect...
for a surface to reflect
it must be clean and whole,
free from distortion...
to reflect a perfect image in it's proper proportion.
the reflector must be polished bright...
and be standing near a source of light,
that the reflected image can be clearly seen.
the focus of our God in our lives
must be of His perfection...
we must be redeemed to bear His holy and righteous reflection.
we must walk in His glory bright...
that we may reflect His image, His character, and His light.
we are called to shine without spot or wrinkle
called to be His image in man's dim sight...
we are polished to perfection by our Saviour's wonderous might.
and when all men reflect His light and visage...
there will be no more darkness...no more fallen image,
no place where God will not be known or seen...
then we will all know what it will actually mean,
to say...