Nov 25th, 2006
via Priscilla Van Sutphin

“You beloved are standing on the precipice of eternity.  There has never been nor ever will be a time like this.  You are a chosen generation and all heaven is prepared for the battle of the ages.

Have you not heard, do you not understand the imminence of all that will happen in all that I have said ?  Do you see that the culmination of all things is AT HAND ?  THAT is why I have for YEARS said to come to ME, to spend time with ME, to commune with Me , that I could give you the keys you need for going through what is ahead.  I have been so patient beloveds with a people who resists My leading.

Do not be angry with Me for what you see and for what is about to happen, for I have spoken and warned, I have urged you to prepare your hearts and to come into My arms.  What you have not listened to, I keep repeating through the many, so that more and more ears will hear.

Remember that before Lot got to the other city, that I waited for him. Do not be impatient with one another.  I recognize there has never been such a time since the times of Noah and do you suppose in the many, many years it took him to build the ark that he had no chance to witness, yet people laughed and mocked at him as well.  So they have also laughed and mocked you to scorn.  Do not feel alone beloveds for all over the world, My prophets have been scorned and mocked and ignored.

There is a great company of remnants all over the world who walk in lonliness and heartache for what they see coming, while others go on and on in their complacency and doubt.  I AM with you beloveds and I will be more and more with you as I pour out My GLORY and make a spectacle of the enemy.  Multitudes in the Valley of decision !   Lay down your agendas beloved, and take up My agenda.  I am calling to you.  Are you listening for the still small voice ?  Are you feeling the leading of the Spirit ?  Can you sense the changes I am working ?

The floods are coming.  The Harvest will be GREAT and your hearts will be astounded.  READY THE  storehouses for a great multitude comes in the days ahead.  GET READY.  GET READY.  GET READY !   The cost will be GREAT, but the souls that flood into the Kingdom will be multitudinous.  Have you sought the oil you will need for the dark days ahead ?  Have you come and spent yourselves on me, or have you procrastinated ?   Do you think you can continue in pretense beloveds and apathy and complacency and somnolence and still be ready ?  AWAKEN to the sound of Your Beloved.  WAKE UP oh sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will rise upon you !  The fire is being lit, and the time has changed.  Wake up !  WAKE UP !

Revele is sounding !  It is time.   LEAN ON ME for all you need.  For the things of this world are fading. The systems of this world will fall.   They think they are in control, but I have it all in HAND !  I have an iceberg for every Titanic of man!
Awake ! AWAKE !

An impression came of a huge container of oil being carried by angels.  Instead of them just pouring it out in a controlled fashion,  one took a hammer and smashed the vessel into pieces and  the oil flooded the earth !

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard what I have planned for those who love Me.  I am coming beloveds and I will break every chain.  I will have MY WAY in My church that is called by My name and I will RESTORE ORDER.  MY ORDER – not man’s order.  I will make a way where there seems to be impossibility for I am the God of RESTORATION and I am the ONE WHO is an expert at impossible cases.  I WILL

Via Priscilla Van Sutphin
Upstream Ministries