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Who Will Care for the Children ?
Aug-7-1993   0215 hrs
Words of Holy Spirit

Oh how my heart's aching for the motherless and fatherless children.
For those who never knew the love and genuine concern of parental caring.
All over the world the children and the youth are restless.
What kind of a world will it be when they reach adulthood ?
What will they do ?  What will they do ?
Many now, have o one who cares for them.
Many now, have parents who were abused and abuse them.
Many are lonely, bored and neglected; uncared for.
Who will care for the youth ?
Who will CARE for the fatherless children ?
As the world around them crumbles politically, economically, environmentally,
spiritually, and emotionally, and people grow more selfish everyday,
WHERE will the children have refuge ?
In the depression many were abandoned.
In history, when there were plagues, wars, famines, disasters, they were abandoned.
The longing in their eyes and the poverty of their souls and bodies and spirits cry out behind those telltale, hungry eyes.
"Who will open their eyes?" says the Lord.
"Who will not refuse the longing?" says the Lord.
"Who will CARE for MY children ?" says the Lord.
"Who will go for US ? " says the Lord.
"Who will ease their pain ?" says the Lord.
"Who will feed MY LAMBS ?" says the Lord.

thru Priscilla Van Sutphin B.S., M.N.


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History & Present Ministry

23 years ago I moved into a Mexican/American neighborhood in southern California with my son, and in ensuing years, the Lord put on my heart to start a food program with the idea to improve the nutrition for the children living here who are in homes of the working poor.  Then I also started a children's bible study, and gradually God started drawing those who would give clothes, furniture and other household items which were given away.  I was on assistance myself, as my husband had divorced me, I was sick with chronic fatigue - fibromyalgia, and so I started a food co-op kind of thing, going through a Foursquare pastor who graciously allowed me to go to the food bank through them.  It grew till we were feeding 60-65 families twice a month. 

   Then the Lord changed the direction of this ministry to start to reach out to the world in the last 11 years , so that we could begin to send finances to others doing the work of ministering to the impoverished children of the world.   So now, we want to connect and give to those who have been laboring in the fields of the Lord without much provision.  We have sent monies to India, Belize, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, the Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia and Mexico for the work of the kingdom, and as we grow, we want to continue to raise up YOUTH and help others who will go to the nations.  Right now we have links to predominantly India, South Africa, and Tanzania and Liberia.

We supported a discipleship training school for young adults in North Central India for a while and helped support street children programs in Russia. Now we are helping support one in North India and one in south India.  On the last trip God made it clear that we are to promote the raising up of 24 hour houses of worship and prayer in the nations, and to minister healing and deliverance to the sick and brokenhearted. We have bought instruments for young people and worshippers in India. We are to help equip the saints to go forth in their callings. 

We are committed to helping CHILDREN & ABUSED WOMEN all over the world and to help young Evangelists/Apostles/Prophets in ministering the gospel.  We are also helping women now here at home as led, who are barely making it who are prophetic intercessors.  I am awaiting directions from the Lord & finances now for going on missions again - to go to India, and other nations when the Lord supplies what is needed and directs me to go. I would like to help send others in teams to demonstrate the unity in the gospel.

     Priscilla Van Sutphin B.S., M.N.