by Judith Peloquin inspired by the Holy Spirit

Who is  listening?
Cries of warning go out
Unheeded by America
Turn your sins about!

Who is listening?
Repent and close sin's doors!
Voices go on pleading
Sin grows all the more

Who is listening?
My Children, will you pray?
Must I punish her
Before sin is done away?

Who is listening?
Sept 11th-did not bring change
Patriotism ,weapons, money
Trust these you proclaim!

Who is listening
What must you now all face?
Better to turn and  awake
From your nation's disgrace!

Who is listening?
Your only desire is to blame
Growing irreverence for
God to your forefathers' shame

Who is listening?
Hedge of protection..gone
I've lifted my hand now
Fullness of sin is born

Who is  listening?
America once free- no more
Honors its global gods-
Verichip, U.N. and war.

Who is listening?
  If only you will pray
Your land will be healed
My goodness on display