If you need prayer for a sickness or disease, just click the email box below and send request ~ God has blessed me with gifts of healings & I've seen miracles overseas & here praying for people, and can send out on my prayer list.
HIGHLY Recommended Books :  
1***Juicing, Fasting & DETOXIFYING for LIFE: Cherie Calbom  This is such an excellent book & easy to read and understand with lots of references and charts.
2 Back to Eden - Jethro Kloss :If you read the intro there's a story about a young man that became depressed from eating city food after growing up on a farm.
3 ONLINE BOOK - Diseases & Herbs Mike Adams free book site on different disease issues, how to heal with natural foods and herbs

*****Highly recommend: GREEN MED INFO site to keep up with what is new in herbal and natural health. [not christian, owner is hindu/new age but really excellent info that includes medical studies
not found elsewhere]

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