Little Book of Dreams
David Kocurek
posted 4/7/06

Dear Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father, Please help me to convey to your People in these last days those things you have shown me in My dreams. With the Help of the Holy spirit of Truth.  That those days don’t catch any unawares - in Jesus name I ask - Amen.

Now many are beginning to see a part of the Bigger picture in these last days - The Lord showed me in my dreams and Visions as well , mine are of (Babylon - America - Harlot).  Yes, many others have their own confirmation and their Dreams and Visions that are also Biblical. I believe Many are given a piece of Gods great puzzle in these last days before his sure Biblical Return. I personally take them all - Dreams and Visions seriously that others have shown me regarding these last days. Heir are just a Few - The Lord Gave Me in a of Dreams.  In the Last days - he said he would Give dreams and Visions  -Joel 2-28.   Now A Watchman Has to Show what he sees - So Grab your Bibles Please and Read Ezekiel 33, 1-20 to find out why.

(Introduction of these Dreams)- "Little book of dreams"
In my dreams,  I was shown a "Surprise Attack" that comes from the "North" On America - They - The Enemy will use Tactical nuclear Weapons.  In the Opening surprise attack, the US Air Forces - will suffer greatly by a "New Tactic" The US Navy Fleets will be destroyed at sea and all that is in Reserve will be "Hard Boiled." Perhaps By  "nuclear Torpedoes"  "World War 3" Breaks"  Between America and The Russia and China Alliance.   Mass Invasion of the US Pacific North West happens to include Canada, and a Huge Land War Starts. Then Things get real ugly, One of the Hawaiian Islands falls to the Chinese.  I seen a Line start in the Artic Ocean between Canada and Alaska -All of Alaska Falls to the enemy. With western parts of Canada as well like Parts of the Yukon territory and British Columbia,   south down the Rocky Mountains To Montana, around Glacier National Park Then straight south down into Idaho - Nevada down  and up to Southern Oregon Border then west to the Pacific Ocean. War is Hell, The Military drafts every one From young boys to old men - Many Battles, much Looting, War wear every thing that goes with it - it becomes a battle of life and death. America Fights Back, Pushes the Enemy out. Great Differences of Opinions Rise among the "Governors of America" - wither or not to Continue the World War over Seas "Civil War" Breaks out in America? Then the Unthinkable - ICBMs Of the Enemy - Rains Down on US Coastal City's from Alaska down to Southern California. Very Detailed "Dreams Set" from the Lord. So as a Watchman, I send it to you. Now What you do with this information is up to you brothers and sisters of America. As For me, Jesus is my refuge, My rock, and my Salvation - With out him, All is lost.  

(A Few Words)
But Listen, I by no Way wish for any of these things to happen. I Would Rather Every one come to the full Knowledge of Jesus and Be Saved. The Sin in "America and the World" has exploded in to a Great mess, and is self evident, every wear you look sin abounds in great wickedness.  We Have a Just God Who Warns us About these Things. So we can repent and turn back to the Lord. Now it Don’t Matter to me if these things don’t come true or not, I hope they don’t. But my heart convicts me to send these Dreams out, So I Do. What Ever The Lord Chooses for chastisement - or - Judgment up on (America- Babylon- Harlot) That is up to him, God and his Will, May Gods Will be Done. The Clear Message heir is "Repent and return to the Lord thy God and accept the Salvation of our Savior Jesus" - Jesus is the Purpose of All biblical Prophecy. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. Today and Now is the Right time for His free gift of Salvation and eternal life. John 3;16. I am not perfect and need Jesus as my personal Lord and savior just like every one else. I encourage you to seek him "Jesus" with all your mind, heart and soul.   Search His True Words In the Bible. Learn of your personal place in him and of your Eternal destiny with him. Remember, Jesus Loves you, and he is our place of Refuge in these last Days. Psalms 91 - Keep the Faith. Much Love, Your Brother in Jesus David W Kocurek sr.

Please Remember, God wont let the Wicked rule forever, But God Takes no Pleasure in the destruction of the wicked and neither should we. For he said that We should love one another even as he loved us. So out of Love, I write you.

(The Beginning - Surprise Attack on America)
I dreamed, I was in Klamath Falls Oregon (my home town). I was with my Wife and we had apparently just bought a piece of property with a home that needed some work. The Grass was over grown up to my waist. their were some dry wild wheat growing, so I to me, it was Fall? I just felt happy that I finally had a home of my own. we walked around to the Back of this home and was talking about how we would fix the fences and mow the grass etc... It was a partly cloudy day but was worm and nice. Klamath is known for its sunshine and worm days and it is called the city of sunshine.

Then, Looking "North" up in to the Sky, I saw a Strange Pare of signs one above of the other. Much like a weather man puts on his screen. These were Two Lightning bolt Signs one on top of the Other. they were huge and suspended there in the Sky in the "North" As I was trying to figure out the Meaning of these things, I  was witnessing,  I saw "3" All white Military Jets coming out of the "North"   Flying slowly 3 abreast  But about 50 yards apart - ("Note, I don’t know if I heard this in my ears or in my mind, But I heard That The US Air force was destroyed by a "New Tactic") . - and when they reach above us, suddenly, A bolt stuck close by about 15 yards away, this startled me, I grabbed my two little children by the hand and was yelling at my wife but she only Stared south with her mouth wide open at shot at what ever she was seeing southward, Then another Lightning Bolt stuck even closer by us, about 5 yards away - Then I turned to run, and saw another Strange thing, I saw 3 All white Geodesic dome tents. Shelters? I ran with the two little ones in side one. The Floor was dirt sunk - it was as if it was 1 foot Counter sunk?

I looked out to my wife and was yelling at her to come in but it was as if she couldn’t hear me. She just kept looking south in shock with her mouth open. End Dream.

Now I  thought "Wow a Surprise attack on America from the North?" and The US Air Forces Destroyed By a "New Tactic?" It was all so Powerful and real - But What did those Two Lightning Bolts in the sky mean? and the two that struck close by us? The Lord showed me a few days latter, wile bringing in groceries I looked at the TV and to my surprise was this same Lightning bolt sitting on the Arm patch of a US soldier being interviewed on a Talk show? I ran turn it up in Time to hear the talk show lady ask him , What do you do, what is your specialty? - He then pointed to this military Lightning Patch and said My specialty is in "Tactical Nuclear Weapons" This is just one of many ways the Lord has confirms these dreams to me. And so I don’t take these things lightly. And I pray you don’t either. (Note Klamath is Home to a Military Air base) But Little did I know, The Lord was not done with me. He had much more to show me. I believe with God all things are Possible, and I know he don’t Play Games, he means what he says -  so I never doubt him. His biblical Word never lies -(Babylon-America-Harlot) as you know in the Bible is Also attacked From the "North" like in Jeremiah 50,41 and 51,48

(US Navy Destroyed and a talk with the US Admiral)
I dreamed, I was in a room full of reporters Talking to a Top US military - man at a desk. They were talking about the Latest Sex scandal to hit that branch of the Military. The Reporters were cruel and very insinuating in their questioning, Even to go as far as to insinuate this Officer him self. But in my heart, I knew they were wrong. so I felt sorry for him. So I went over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder and said, It will be OK General. Then He turned and gave me a dirty Look. it was then, I realized my Mistake, For he Wasn’t a US General But that he Was a US Admiral for the US Navy.  (they don’t like that sort of thing)

Then I found my self at a US Naval ship yard, I was with this US Navy Admiral. I was watching many Military people running to and fro - So I asked the Admiral what was going on? He Turned to me and said " Our US Naval Fleets were all Destroyed at sea and so we had to hurry and Get these - Other ships up and running as fast as possible", So I volunteered to help.

The next thing I remember is I found my self in the lower Boiler room of this old US Aircraft Carrier. The Boiler was old and rusted. I opened it to see if I could get it up and running. I looked in side and saw cold ashes. So I took a shovel and stirred the ashes a bit, But then I saw a strange thing, in the Ashes was about 3 very Large eggs in their that were cooked? As I wondered what in the world was this? Then, The Admiral came over to me this time and put his Hand on my shoulder and said, "Its no use son, All we have in reserve is Hard Boiled". End Dream. 

Wow I thought? this is to uncanny - Modern military tactics for taking on any country in today's world is to eliminate its air and sea powers first, Just like we saw in the Gulf War.  But I wondered if it Possible for such an Attack from the "North" on Great America? Then the Lord Gave me this dream.

(US Military War School) 
I dreamed, I was out side at some US Military War school for Officers in training, Wear they teach War Tactics and the like. It was Some were in eastern US. the Base or school looked very nice and well kept. the lawns were green and mowed and the trees and bushes all looked well trimmed and the place was very nice. I saw a young Military man resting and sitting on the Curb. So I went to ask him this Question About the Possibility of America being attacked from the North, and asked him what he Thought about it. 

He said Owe Yes! IT is possible, in fact a US Admiral Had even written about Americas Weakness in this Area in the Northern parts - And was not pleased about it. Wile he said this, I got the impression that they are all well aware of this fact. Even this young Military tactician knew this. End Dream. 

Americas Weakness in the North, is confirmed to me by this dream. But I wondered about those words used By that US Admiral when he said to me - all we have in reserved was "Hard Boiled"  I thought Nuclear war head attack maybe? What did he mean by this? Then the Lord Gave me this Dream.

(Russian Navy Ship Yard)
I dreamed, I was at a Russian Navy ship Yard in the western part of Russia. Their was very Many Russian ships of War and submarines at the Docks. I seen Russian sailors in there uniforms Going to and fro about their Daily duties. But no one seemed to notice me watching? I observed, A young Russian sailor loading things in to this submarine, when he looked up at me and then quickly looked around to see if any one else was watching, then waved at me to come and see something he wanted to show me.

I met him at the bottom of the ramp That went to this sub to the dock.  Then Again, he then Looked around to see if any one was watching, He motioned me over to a Pallet covered over with an old Cloth Tarp and he then pulled it back to let me see what was under it. What I saw and knew to be, Were "Two Nuclear Tipped Torpedoes" That were going to be loaded on this Russian Sub. These Two torpedoes looked Old style - Incased in a Metallic looking casing - almost Lead in Color. They looked permanently sealed so no one could take them apart?. They were old and looked tarnished, But none the Less,  I knew in my heart that they were Both Live and - Very Lethal. End Dream.

Now I understood. That what the Lord was saying to me in these dreams was that indeed - America would be attacked. But I know enough to know, that you just don’t Attack America, "The Land of Pride" Like this and not have a fallow thru plan. What was Next? I had no idea, what the Lord was about to show me next in my dreams? To me and you, We know such a surprise attack on America - would by No Doubt Start  World War Three - WW3. In Revelation Chapter 6, The 4 horsemen are released, Taking Peace from the World and bringing War and Famine and Hell. What a very dark Time this will be for the world Reread Rev-6 with WW3 in mind, But no doubt. Jesus is our only hope. Once this starts, you know many things will get way out of hand with much destruction and dieing that war brings with it, and on American soil to boot? That’s right.  What? Are we as Americans in our Blinding Pride - Worshiping our Liberty Bel - To say, We are invincible and indestructible? no one can touch us? Please Let me assure you, our homes are made of wood and they will burn, our bodies are flesh and they will bleed. So make no mistake about it. What is more important is not this in these last days. But rather It is your Soul that Jesus alone can save. John 3,16.  You know, it is As if this alone wasn’t enough to cause one to repent let alone a whole Nation to return to the Lord their God??? But America The whole Land of Pride - repenting and returning to the Lord? all 300 million or so? -hmmm- Now Be honest.  Now lets continue with what we all know would fallow such an event and what I seen in other dreams.

(The US Draft)
I dreamed I was out side on some type of military base, standing in a long line of draftees. I was at the end of this line and knew I was drafted in to the war. This line went from were I was out side, down a side walk in to a building. I was just waiting my turn to be processed in the the Army.  As I was waiting, I looked at another line and in that line of draftees were young boys -12 and 13 perhaps. This startled me, I thought to my self, This War must be Really Bad if the US Army was Drafting even young Boys? So I tapped the guys shoulder in front of me and asked him, Were is this place, What is this place Called? He Turned to me for a second and said, This is "Fort Hood Texas". End Dream.

Now I have never bin to Texas, and never heard of it before so I looked on the map and couldn’t find it? but I didn’t give up their, I went on the internet and the world wide web - typed in "Fort Hood Texas" And Before my very eyes their it was. It is indeed a Real place. if you have the internet, check it out for your self. This US Base is a Small city of its own "It Is Huge" covering hundreds of miles in just one US Mega Military Base. Now how much more of a confirmation dose one person need than that? I sure don’t. Surly a World war of this magnitude coming to America, will cause a military draft. Fort Hood is big enough to handle Thousands of draftees - With no problem at all.

(Montana - Front Lines)
I dreamed I was in Montana, I was a bus driver. It was my job to shuttle US soldiers from the Front lines in western Montana to the state capitol for R and R - (Rest and Relaxation) Now What was strange about it was these US soldiers wore Civilian clothes? And they were all quit not saying a word. no smiles no conversation? nothing? I thought to my self, things must be really bad on the front lines to have these men act like this. So I didn’t ask. Their faces told the whole story. But I thought maybe when we get to town and they get hot  shower, and a hot meal - they would loosen up a bit?

The next thing I remember is we had arrived and were in the Shower and locker room of some School? But even then, These men said not a word. you could have heard a pin drop. some heavy set man, leaned over and whispered and commented - something about the demeanor of the troops? But all I could do was look at our soldiers hopeless blank faces. I felt sad, and that perhaps we just might loose this War. The signs all looked bleak. End Dream.

There is many looks that men can have, But this is one I hope we will not have to see. But according to this dream we will. What would Cause such a Blank stair of these beloved soldiers defending our own country? It is not hard to envision my friends - War is not a game, it is not super Nintendo or X- Box. When you get shot, your game is over, no second or third man or reset button. no special armor or super powers. Just Flesh and Bone against Flesh and Bone. War is Carnage at its cruelest, not only dose it scar the body but also the mind and the heart, if you let it. Perhaps these men just had to shut these two parts down - the mind and the heart to protect their own sanity. War - is an insane cruelty in reality and a matter of Life and Death. Owe People of America? When will you return to Jesus your Beloved savior? Will you do it now? or will you do it in a Fox hole on the front lines? Or will it be to late? So please Don’t Wait,  - Jesus and his eternal Salvation is just a prayer away. There are Thousands of churches who make the Alter call to salvation in Jesus name every week in America. Don’t you feel the Lord knocking at your heart - saying, Come Drink of his Eternal salvation and water of Life freely? Revelation 22,17

(Stopping the enemy - Nevada)
I dreamed I was in with a military unit of 20 men, walking north in the Central Nevada desert to Stop the Enemy advance south in this area. We all had M-16 rifles but wore Civilian clothes. There is not much in the desert but a few small and short Cactus and brushes  only a few inches high, mostly barren and dry. As we walked  up this desert valley, I noticed the ridges on either side of us running north and south, it seemed peaceful and almost cereal. 

Then the Peace what shattered By the sound of Enemy Machine gun Chatter just in front of us.  I hit the dirt and could see Enemy in Fox holes about 50 yards apart in a line out front, across this valley - there were Two men per fox hole. With one main Machine gun, one would fire wile the other kept feeding the Gun ammunition. So I returned Fire from my rifle - spending a full clip back at them. As I rolled to my side to retrieve another Clip of ammo I noticed the rest of the Men in My unit had found a small knoll and was moving to that safer position. so I quickly got up and followed them their. As I got behind this small hill the Gun fight had stopped.

As I was looked, some of the Men in our unit were already at the Top of this Hill - and were Keeping up Good Relations with the Enemy - By chanting Choice Words and showing American sign language and some even barred all and did the reverse Bow  - Mooning the Enemy below?   Crazy bunch?, I couldn’t help but laugh. End Dream.

Now, We were just lucky, No one in our unit caught a Bullet. But in our happiness, to have finally stopped the Enemy unscathed - We had to send them our Worm American welcome of course. Some times it helps to find the humor in any situation, it breaks the tension. I only hope the enemy brought their film.

(Klamath Falls Oregon, No stopping them heir)
I dreamed I was in Klamath falls Oregon, I was out side in the street and a group of people were Gathered around a make shift table made of plywood with maps. They were discussing the fact that the Enemy had taken Medford Ore, and was coming east to Klamath over the Cascade Mts.  Their were no military present, just a civilian resistance group of locals doing their best to defend their town. Such as the Mayor and other local civilians.

Then some young man came running up to the Group and said they the enemy, didn't take the route that they expected. and so the Civilian plan to stop them - was null in effect. End dream.

This is my home Town, So this dream bothered me greatly as you could understand. So I went to the Lord in Prayer of course. The Prayer went something like this. Lord, What should I do? Lay an Ambush - Fight -create a resistant group to repel the invading Army What? in my heart I heard these words, "No, you can not stop them. I have plans for the People of Klamath". Yikes I thought! But the Lord is right, If he sends an Army against a city - Who can stop him? May his Will be done - not mine. When God has its hand on one shoulder of a city, it is time for us his people to let go of the other.

(Behind enemy Lines - Medford and Eugene Oregon. Oil - The enemies weakness)
I dreamed I was out side in the hills just south of Medford Oregon. I was Behind enemy lines. I was with one other person as a American guerilla fighter in a resistance against the Enemy. We wore Civilian Clothes and had Enemy weapons - AK- 47s rifles. We were walking slowly and very cautiously among the tree line heading east. Then we wondered across a strange site - in the middle of the Forests. I saw a small round steel street type man hole cover. I walked up to it and it had these words written on it in steel. "Oil - Eugene Oregon"? I opened it up and looked down in to its dark hole and could see that indeed Oil was around its rim. Like it was some type of oil depository site?

The next thing I remember is, That I found my self alone - standing out side on a deserted suburb street in Eugene Oregon - even farther behind enemy lines. I saw many US homes that were all Looted with broken windows, and garbage and peoples stuff every where? But there was no sign of US Public people any were. I wondered about them, and realized the Enemy must have done something with them or they escaped? But now it was all empty. I grew terrified because I was all alone - so I ran in to one of these Looted homes for cover. I knew that if I were caught, The enemy would not be merciful. 

I was standing in the living room, of this looted house and garbage and peoples things who once lived their -were all over the floor. Most of the furniture was gone the windows were broke out - some one robed and tore this place up like all the homes I saw. Then wile looking down among the things on the floor, I saw a some strange things. I saw about 20 or so Leather belts with shoulder straps like you see the Major communistic Militaries have and their soldiers wear with their long trench coats. Clear signs of the enemy who held this City.

Then I spotted movement out the front broken window next door in the back yard. It was a Single Russian soldier in camouflage uniform in some ones back tool shed trifling around? My heart started pounding, I didn’t want to be spotted in broad daylight behind enemy lines alone. I wanted to run and hide but for some reason, it was like I kept floating closer and closer to him so close I could see the exceptions on his face.  I realized he couldn’t see me? so I observed him for a few minutes. He was about 25 years old, with short dark black hair. He looked worried, I got the feeling things were not going good for him or his Army. I felt he was short of re-supply and was out fending for him self to make ends meet. End Dream.

Oil - Is any Modern Days Military's - Mechanized - Life Blood. With out it, its war machine comes to a stand still.  For No re-supply is possible. Oil - is Key to Any war. Cut this off from the enemy and he will be helpless. and this was what I got from this dream. But also, my fear of them was justified.  read Jeremiah 51,42 for they show no mercy. - I wondered about the civilians too read Jeremiah 51,22 and 23. I saw much looted homes- read Jeremiah 50,10 and 26 and 27. there is only one "Land of pride" these days in all the world that is America read Jeremiah 50, 32.  I think -our idol of liberty (the Liberty Bell) will be also punished also -Jeremiah 51 -44.
Very disheartening I know.

(Hunting Chinese)
I dreamed I was in Sacramento California, I was in a US military unit of 20 men. We all wore civilian clothes but had M16 rifles.  We were patrolling the neighborhoods of the city - and walking down a street lined with homes, it was a nice worm day.  our Job was to keep the city safe from any possible enemy that might be around - or any trouble that might be. As we were walking, up ahead at some apartment buildings I could see a big commotion up ahead. with a lot of screaming ETC... Fearing the enemy, I called in an air strike - I saw the camouflaged Jet swoop in low and then quickly pull up and away "with out" dropping his pay load. Good thing too, because when we neared it, it just turned out to be just some Dunk man on the third floor in a Big domestic dispute upsetting the whole apartment complex sending then screaming in to the streets. I thought it was as if some of the public just didn’t understand the dangers of war on our own soil?

The next thing I remember, we were mobile riding in older military vehicles. their looked like a older WW2 barrel - from a Sherman Tank mounted on the front - like a make shift open air tank. We were told that the Enemy Chinese had gotten in to California from the coast and had gotten as far as the hill south of Sacramento and were hiding in the hills. Also that they had captured one of the Hawaiian Islands. So we were out hunting Chinese. (Then I was shown a short Vision within this dream, of the Place they got in. I saw a very small Coastal town from the air. It indeed looked small with just one dock. Perhaps this is why it was not even considered as a landing point for the enemy and protected in advance?)  Then I was back in this open air make shift tank in the hills around Sacramento? - The brushes was high and thick, But most of the brush had not blooded leafs yet so much looked kind of bare. But the grass was tall and lush green. Perhaps it was late winter early spring? As we were driving down this dirt road hunting Chinese, we happened across a whole group of Chinese Military vehicles hidden and parked among the brush on both sides of the dirt road. But not a sign of enemy Chinese any wear? so we took advantage of the situation and opened up on the abandoned enemy vehicles I open fire on the ones to my left side and the man on my right opened up on the right, he turned to me and smiled and said, I got 5 with one shot? (armor piercing round - perhaps)

The next thing I remember is that , we had spotted some Chinese on another ridge and went around to the other side so we could engage then. But by the time we had arrived another US Unit was already moving in to engage them. So we stopped to watch the show from a small hill to the west. There commander was their so I got out to watch with him the battle about to unfold. He was an older short and half bold Man with a big smile. He said to me, Hey? it may be old WW2 war equipment but it still works Great,  I had to agree with him. then we both turned to watch the engagement. I watched as his soldiers advanced up this steep Grassy hill. they were pulling out the tall clumps of  green grass to help then up to the top. Just as they reached the Top, the Chinese opened Fire. I watch as our US soldiers were cut down by the Chinese and then rolled back to the bottom. End dream.

This is a reality of war - Many things are uncertain and you never know when your time is up. This is why Accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior is so important in these last days. 

(Chinese attempt a I-40 run)
In this dream, I was just looking at a map of the southern half of America. When I saw a yellow line appear on the California coast - Between Santiago and Los Angela's (Chinese). As I watched a thin yellow line go eastward, at each town they took, I seen a yellow cluster or shield and on each cluster was a number.  the smallest number on the coast then the next number was given to each town taken along this southern interstate route as they advanced east across the south all the way to the Mississippi River. Never leaving the interstate across the south (Interstate 40)  It was Like they were trying to set up a barrier or line cutting the North off from the south? But when they reached the Mississippi River area, they could not advance or go around. Then I heard these Words. "Twins will stop them"  Then I saw a two Pronged counter attack line marked in Black come against this yellow line. End Dream.

Now what the Words "Twins will stop them" means exactly- only God knows. A Chinese General once stated this, "Those who are in Washington DC are So ignorant and slow in Politics, That I can reach Washington DC with my tanks, Before they could decide weather or not to declare War".

(US Goes on the Offensive)
In this dream, I found my self in a US war room - underground, some wear near the Mississippi river?.  I saw many US military personnel busily running around doing their Job. In the Middle of this Room was a large Table with a Big map of North American continent. A Lone US General was over looking this Map and strategizing. So I walked over to see what he was looking at.  I saw a Red and Black line on the map Line, Signifying Wear the Front lines were and just how far and how much US and Canadian land the enemy had captured in the North - West. Which surprised me, But also I should mention, I was unable to see things East of the Appellation Mountain range, in the US, that whole area was Dark before my eyes? Liken to a dark shadow? so I couldn’t see the eastern US states or the east coast. (Note; I feel that this dark Eastern part of America area belongs to another person to yet come forth From the Lord in the Prophetic and Reveal What is over and in this dark area)

Looking up at the map, I seen Wear the Front lines were. The Enemy had captured Much Land in America and Canada. They held every thing west and north of this line. It started at the Artic Ocean Between Alaska and Canada. then went south easterly thru the Yukon territory - to the Rocky mountains of British Columbia then south along the Rockys about half way - then turned west about 75 miles or so then south about 100 miles or so then east again back to the Rocky mountain range. Then all the way south along this Range to Montana to about wear Glacier National park is. Then pretty much straight south thru Montana to Idaho. this line would be real close to state high way 93 south thru Montana and Idaho to Nevada Border,  Then upon interring Nevada, this line Made a southern loop down in to North central Nevada about a couple hundred miles?  then back up to the Oregon - Nevada Border. ( the best I can describe it is it looked like a out line of a upside down mushroom extending in to Nevada and back up to Oregon.) Then at the Southern Oregon boarder, the Line went West pretty much along the Southern Oregon Boarder, Going straight west to the Pacific Ocean. This surprised me much, I thought now that this a lot of American and Canadian land the enemy now held in the north west.

Then I seen this lone US General, Execute a ingenious 5 fold plan and Counter offensive on this map against the enemy. Launching it from the American Great Plains. End dream.

Now for the sake of millions of Life's I cant, and wont, go in to detail. But the Plan worked in getting the enemy out of America and Canada main land. However, The World War was "not" over. Also, I wondered who would help us in this war, I was shown it would be Both England and Australia. But what about Europe? For the most part I am not sure.  Perhaps France goes neutral - to hold the Eastern European block together by her Nuclear Trump card?.  But I was given this dream. About Germany. I think this dream makes a important point.

(Germany wants US Nuclear weapons out)
In this Dream, I was in Germany on a US Military Base. That housed Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs or (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) Out front of this base, came a group of German elect Soldiers to the bases front gate. With this Warning. To Remove all Nuclear Weapons off German soil. By such an such a time. By the Order of German Parliament. The US responded with politics and tried to show them that these ICBM's were Taken apart and not able to be used. But the Germans didn’t approve. So they came back with an official Letter from the German parliament and many more German elect troops. A German Officer came forward and read this letter out loud to those at the front gate. By the Order of the Parliament of the Great Country Germany,  If the US don’t remove the Nuclear weapons off German Sovereign soil, that They the German Army were ordered by the German House of Parliament To Seize the US base and all its weapons at all cost. And under those orders, if the US Refused, that he then assured us that he would execute those orders from the German parliament immediately.

I knew the Germans were not bluffing and me and a few others got scared and went behind the bases building in worry. Then I noticed one base staff member Go out a corner hole in the back fence. and in to the Woods, so I fallowed him out. End dream.

Not a good sign at all. The US should not Take Germany as a pawn player in politics. And Should heed any official Order of its Governing Body. There is no reason for People to Die over such a thing. Germany is a sovereign country and we should respect their peoples wishes. If we do as their government wishes in the first Place, then I don’t see why the German soldiers would have to Take this Base By force.  Believe me, Under  orders of The German Parliament, The German soldiers will Execute those orders.

(US Civil war Breaks out)
In this dream,  I dreamed I was up high on a Mountain in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Looking westward out across the Nevada desert. With me was a older man I know to be well trusted in the Lord - standing in front of me looking in the same direction eastward like I was. Then I saw him do a strange Thing, I saw him put a shoulder fired Cruise Missile on his shoulder and got on one knee and fired it north easterly. Then he stood up and said, That will reach Chicago in about 4-5 hours. " I was shocked" I said why? What For? He said, To take out a Key Communications Place their? Again shocked! I said But why, This will start a Civil War, why fire at your own people? he stood silent for a moment. Then he turned to me with an ironist face and said, "Because - If We are going to die fighting, We Might as well die fighting hear." End Dream.

Now in Jeremiah 51,46 in the Tyndale living Bible, it reads - 46 But don’t Panic when you hear the first rumor  of approaching forces. For Rumors will keep coming year by year. Then there will be a time of Civil war as the Governors of Babylon Fight against each other. Now I feel that their will come this time in America, over the issue against the Federal government Who wants to Continue the World war over seas Vs Those in America who don’t. Thus it dose seem that some states will break from the union and in protest to that, Start a Civil war. As the Governors of Babylon fight against on another in verse 46.

(Nuclear holocaust)
in this dream/Audible Vision, I was a half asleep on my bedroom, When all of a sudden I could hear clearly a Women come on over the radio - Announcing an emergency Broad cast. She calmly said. Anchorage Alaska was just Nuked this morning? Now this shook me right up in Bed and I sat up. and I could still hear her talking she was naming off all western Coastal city's Of America and Canada from Alaska to southern California. then I realized that I didn’t have a radio in my room and the TV was off this startled me again - and I couldn’t believe my ears then - The sound of the lady and her broadcast just faded slowly off as she was still naming city after coastal city that was Nuked.

Now we know that (America - Babylon - Harlot) - is destroyed by "Fire"  Jeremiah 51,58  revelation 17 -16 and revelation 18,8  and 18,18  And in just one day, its all over. Then Jesus returns to the Mount of olives. And has his 1000 year reign - then the great Wight Judgment of God. Then the new heavens and the new earth and the New Jerusalem comes down were we can all live together in Peace and love forever with him in paradise.

Now if you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal lord and savior, and would like to, Just Say this Personal Prayer with me out loud. Dear Lord heavenly Father, I believe you sent your only begotten son Jesus To die on the Cross for my sins. Please forgive me of all my sins now - I ask Jesus to be the Lord of my Life and my beloved savior from now and forever. We ask it in your son Jesus name Heavenly Father - Amen. John 3;16

Remember Jesus Loves you
Your Brother in Jesus David W Kocurek Sr
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