"Alternate Universes"
Jan 8, 2016
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

The fantasies of men are unlimited in scope, but I had a singular plan for mankind. I've not planned alternate universes to live in and I will fulfill MY PLAN over the plans of men. My plan is UNIVERSAL, but does not involve alternate universes.  My end time plan is in the book of REVELATION, and it is not a fantasy, it is a reality.

While they plan the perfect universe, I plan the perfect storm to upset their plans. For every plan of the enemy, I have an alternate plan, you should know.  I said in Daniel, that the saints would be given into their hands for a 3 1/2 times but that I would make a decision on behalf of the elect, and with that decision, a reversal of their plans because of what I will do in you.

So do not grow weary, understand the plan, by staying in My word and asking for understanding to be given you, so that you have MY plan in your heart, and so that you spend time waiting on Me for what Your role is in the plan.
For HARVEST is on My heart, that there would be a great gathering in of the elect. THAT should be weighing heavily on you now, seeing all that is going on in the world.  I told you to shout from the rooftops what you hear in your ears. So keep on keeping on, and shout to me as well the word I've had written, sing to Me, and dance on injustice warriors of God, for in the DANCE you will TRAMPLE the plans of the enemy.

Lay out your state on the floor, and dance on the capitals.  Call out for justice, call out for REPENTANCE in the church, and in the marketplace, in the streets of your cities. Call out for restoration and liberty. Decree the word of the LORD, for I AM WITH YOU TO PERFORM THAT WORD, as you do this. For you appointed to the Mattah, Raise it up and declare what My Spirit says, Dance with it, stomp on the enemy with it.  Strike the ground when I say to.  Blow the shofars and declare MY KINGDOM TO COME.

Quiet yourself after time with Me, that you can hear what I have to say to you and to the church for those of you who speak for ME.  Be still and know that I will give you the blueprint for the days ahead. Ask Me for orders.
Every army needs orders to carry out, and I am just waiting for the asking.
There is a timing to everything under heaven, and all is in My hands. So fear not, and Do NOT rush ahead of My orders. Daily seek My face, and I will order your day. Yield to ME, and I will give you all that you need to accomplish what I give you in My orders.

The Ring of Authority is coming to those who have been faithful to ME. Your orders will change as you step into a new level of authority in Me.  I am aligning your relationships and setting you in right order so that MY will will be carried out without the opposition of those who disparage and discourage you, or underestimate you.  They are unhealed, so just pray for them that they will get right revelation of the Kingdom and My will. Everyone is on a learning curve in life, all of you at different places. Ask for forebearance for those who are behind in their walk, and pray for those who have yet to awaken.

I am at hand. I said, I'm coming on a cool winter wind. And there will be a change in the order of things. So EXPECT great change. Some of that will be sudden wonders and signs, elevation in your giftings, deliverance and healing, and some will be great challenges that lie ahead with economic changes, and  changes in the world that will usher in more perilous times. Be aware of your authority in the Spirit. LEAN ON ME. CLING TO ME, and you will have all you need in wisdom for the days ahead."