[ga-randyclark] Kiev, Ukraine story of deliverance
Rex Burgher

Dear Friends;
        The following is a story of deliverance that happened over a few of our days in Kiev. Michael Ellis is an associate of ours and a dear friend. For many of us deliverance often a misunderstood word but for those who are truly set free from troubling spirits that plague them it is life giving. This I pray will give you knowledge into the healing ministry of deliverance. Many times it is truly impossible to do one without doing the
healing without deliverance, they are so woven together. Michael teaches at many of our conferences and is available to come and teach at your church as well. He teaches one of the most well balanced methods that we have found and with his gentle approach makes it desirable for everyone to be apart of and go through themselves. I pray you will enjoy this story.
Blessings in Christ

Leanna - Deliverance in Kiev, Ukraine (10/01)

Over the years of traveling all over the world, I have come to know that on every trip there is always what I call divine appointments. On this trip to Kiev, it was with a fourteen-year-old girl name Leanna. I was up on the
platform praying for the blessing to fall on the crowds of people who had crowded around me. This must have been a little of what happened to Jesus when they thronged him. I was in "The Zone." This is what we have called the place where God is pouring out his anointing on all that you touch. It is the most wonderful and exhilarating experience. You get to receive and give out this wonderful blessing.

As I was there praying for all of these people, one of our team mates (those who traveled there with us from four countries) came up to me. He said we have a young girl over here that is manifesting (this means the demons had taken control of her body and were reacting to the prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit). He said, "We couldn't get it [the demon] stopped."  I had taught the past two days on deliverance. He asked me to go with him right then and help them. I had experienced that when you are in "The Zone,"   Satan will send someone or something to draw you away from that place in order to shut down what God is doing. I had fallen for this many times before. It is always someone with a big need and you are the only one that can help. I told the team member that they would have to handle it. That I could not leave all of the other people until the Lord was finished there. After things slowed down and we were near the end of ministering for that evening, I went to find out what was happening with the young girl. When I got there I saw our team surrounding her praying.

When I got close enough to see her she was stretched out stiff with her arms in the air. She was blowing saliva and mucous out her nose and mouth. They had to hold a rag over her nose in order not to get sprayed by all the stuff that was coming out of her nose and mouth. It looked like she had a bug in her nose and was
trying desperately to get it out. She was totally covered in sweat. She had no control over what was  happening. When asked what was going on they told me that the mother had been involved in witchcraft. Her mother was there with her, but she was having no manifestation. They told me that the mother had accepted Jesus, but the girl had manifested during the invitation. They did not think she had prayed to accept the Lord. I began immediately to bind up the demons in Jesus' name, but the manifestations just got worse as I came against them. I could see this was going to take a long time.

It was already time to get on the bus to go back to the hotel. I felt that if we quit praying that she might settle down. I instructed the interpreter to tell the mother to talk to her to try to get her to calm down. We had to leave her in that state. I told the mother that if they come back tomorrow I would take the time to pray with her. I was told later that they stayed all night in the building because the mother could not get her out. The next day I was to finish my teaching on deliverance. I looked around but did not notice Leanna. That night, Randy said we are going for deliverance in the ministry time. He taught about his own experience of being set free   from a stronghold while pastoring his Baptist church, and how that deliverance was for the children of God, not the lost. He talked about  having encountered many people in the church who had strongholds in their life.

He first gave a call for all those who would like to give themselves to the Lord and be born again. About 148 people responded and came to the front. I was on the platform behind Randy, praying for people to be free to come to Jesus. As I walked back and forth on the platform praying, I looked and saw Leanna and her mother both up at the front with all the people. As I looked into her big blue eyes, I could see that she was praying with all her heart to receive Jesus.

After the prayer for salvation, Randy asked me to come forward and pray for mass deliverance over the 3000 plus people who had packed into this auditorium. I asked those who felt like they had some kind of stronghold in their life to stand up. Most of the people stood up. I led them in a prayer of repentance in three areas of their life. The occult, sexual issues, and problems with their relationship with their father and mother. We had sent
the team along with the translators to a big hall where there would be plenty of room to pray for the people who needed more prayer. Many were set free in corporate prayer, but many others began to manifest. When this would happen Randy was pointing them out so the usher could carry them to the big  hall. After those were carried out, I invited anyone else who still felt bound to go there too.

Randy took over the microphone. He began to transition into praying for the sick. I left and went upstairs to the hall to see how things were going. I had decided to float around to assist the team if they needed help. Some of them, this was their first experience at deliverance. When I got close to the door, I saw the young girl sitting there in a chair with her mother. I went to get her but her legs would not work. She had already begun to
manifest. We carried her to a quieter place. Even though she could not walk she was able to talk to me. There would be an occasional blow out the nose and mouth. Her mother was there with a rag to keep me from getting sprayed, but at times, it still splattered me. Something that I have experienced over the years when you do deliverance for someone, is that you experience a supernatural love for that person at the moment. It is as if you are praying for one of your own children, and nothing else matters, not even having mucus blown all over you. All you know is that your not leaving until this child is set free. I asked the mother all the question about what they had been involved with, especially in the area of the occult.

When I encounter this kind of manifesting in someone as young as her, there usually was occult involvement, or some form of abuse in the person's life. It turned out that the girl had some stomach problem and the mother had gone to a witch doctor for help. Hot wax was put on her, and some kind of cloth was laid over her. They were instructed to put the cloth in a special place. The daughter was born out of wedlock. The father had never looked back. He abandoned both mother and child. The mother had tried to get an abortion, but was turned down by the doctors. God had other plans for this child. I walk her and her mother through repentance and renouncing of these things. I watched as demon after demon left. While we were praying the ushers came by and said we had to leave the building. Because these services were being held in a rented auditorium, we
had to be out by 10:00 p.m. each night. I asked was there any place we could go to finish the deliverance. Already, there was such a marked improvement in the girl from the night before. Since she had asked Jesus into her life she was a lot easier to talk to and pray with. However, there were still a lot of manifestations.

The usher said we could go to the room we had been using as a hospitality room. By this time the bus was ready to leave. I told the others I was not leaving until this girl was set free. They all left my interpreter and I there to finish. We continued for another hour, until I felt that she was set free to the point of being able to walk out under her own power. Then she reported that she felt peace and love in her heart. We finished with me taking a photo of her with this big beautiful smile on her face. They both left with a lot less bondage than what they had come with. The next morning during worship I looked up in the crowd I saw her with her hands lifted as high as she could get them to the Lord in worship. I watched as she loved on her new found Lord. I saw her begin to blow out her nose again. I thought there must be more to do. She had completely stopped the night before. I sent the translator (young African student) that had helped me to bring her down for more prayer.
We began to ask the Holy Spirit to show what else the Devil was trying to hold onto. We prayed all during Randy's message. Many more demons came out.

At the end of Randy's message I told her that I needed to go pray for the people. So she came out to side area of the Platform. I prayed that the Lord would soak her in the Holy Spirit, and that He would show her everything that is hidden that needed to be prayed for. I went and helped the team pray during the ministry time. I left to return to the hotel, seeing her with her hands raised in praise to Jesus. When we came back that night they told me  that she was still laying there. She told me that as she laid there, the Lord had shown her many more things in her life. She saw her grandfather teaching her about Communism. He was an atheist, and did not acknowledge God. At one point she spoke to her mother about the need for repentance for atheism. She laid hands on the mother and the mother screamed as the spirit left. All during the time I was ministering to her she had a very high sensitivity to what was happening in the Spirit. As I prayed against the spirit's she would see the darkness inside and then watch as the light came in and the darkness would fade away.

She kept telling me her hands were hot. I told her that could be the healing anointing. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would purify her prophetic gift. All during the prayer time I would ask her to tell me what was seeing. At
one time she saw a lot of people she was going to lay hands on to be healed. There was such a heavy anointing on her she could not move. Making sure it was not another manifestation, I asked what she felt inside. She told me she saw bright light, and that she felt love and peace all over her being. I explained the glory of God was like having a heavy blanket laid over you. She said, "Yes that is what it felt like." She had so learned how to repent and renounce the sins in her life. She told me that she had repented of  everything the Holy Spirit had shown her. I watched as she lay under this heavy anointing, demons coming out without anyone praying against them. Every few minutes she would sneeze. I asked what she felt like when this
would happen. She said she felt like something was leaving her. I had read about people who would sneeze or cough spirits out. That is why we say, "God bless you" when someone sneezes. I had told her that even when I stopped praying, the Holy Spirit would continue to heal and set her free. She had so much faith. It was wonderful to watch, as this heavy anointing would break every yoke of bondage.

At one point I noticed that her hands were yellow. I asked did she have a problem with her liver. The mother told me that they had come to Kiev to the hospital to treat her liver. I said lets pray for your healing. Since her
hands were hot under the anointing, I had her put her hands on her liver. I laid my hand on her hands. I asked what she was feeling. She said she felt a sharp pain. She said she could see a black mass about the size of a large grapefruit. But as we prayed she saw the dark mass getting smaller and smaller until it was gone, and all the pain was gone. We look at her hands they were already beginning to turn pink again.  I said in the beginning of this report that I always have a divine appointment.

Let me tell you what the Lord did to bring this into being. She and her mother had traveled 24 hours by train to get to Kiev. They did not come to Kiev because of our meetings. They came to bring Leanna to the hospital there to treat her liver disease. While there they were staying with a friend, she saw a flyer for the conference and decided to come. God captured her the first night. You have read the rest. This truly was a Divine Appointment.

Pray For Leanna somewhere in the Ukraine. I believe she is going to be  mightily used by God!

This is Michael Ellis along with Randy Clark and Rex Burgher in Kiev, Ukraine