By: Jaimie M. Engle

I hold the deed which is my flesh.
The rest belongs to You.
You hold the key.  You walk inside.
You know just what to do.
You hose the floor and scrub the walls.
The water turns to black.
You spray it out into the yard.
It leaves a muddy track.
Back inside you close the door.
This house is free of sin.
Time now for an overhaul.
Let the remodel begin.
You start with the foundation.
Change it to your very Word.
The rock that is unmoving
from the self that I once heard.
Next, the frame is ripped to nothing.
You rebuild it board by board,
which is easy for a carpenter,
especially when he is the Lord.
The roof is last, the covering,
which protects from what’s around.
The Spirit of God is hovering
for my heart’s now hallowed ground.

And over time you’ll decorate.
You’ll make this place your own.
I know it is a process
to make a house a home.
But I won’t interfere.  You just go and do your thing.
‘Cause I just hold the deed of flesh,
While You own everything.


Mercy and judgment pour out from you throne.
Lord, give me mercy, cover my home.
The land of the free, home of the brave
Now slave to demonic forces
That wreak havoc and rage.
And by and by, You’re just buying some time
To break Your people’s dependency
On foreign nations and sanctions and land separations.
To bring them to their knees
Reminding them the way it used to be.
When you gave them Manna from Heaven
And led the way as Fire by night,
The Pillar by day.
And America the Great has chosen Her fate
Turning her back on Israel,
Choosing the seduction and lust, greed and mistrust
That every worldly pleasure can sell.
My heart is broken and my spirit is crying
As I sit by and watch the washing of brains,
And the ruler of this earth is preparing to birth
His anti-messiah to come to reign.

How easily he will deceive the nations
With promises of peace without ramifications,
The Salvation who’ll receive unanimous exaltations.
The seed has been planted, his path has been paved.
And we are the ones that proclaim to be saved
Yet we’re falling into the peer-pressure
Of this test phase,
Rejoicing the change, embracing the rage,
Watching it on the big screen TV,
All eyes will see his coming of age.
He will deceive the masses, through mass manipulation,
The wannabe Jehovah-Jireh,
Who’ll proclaim to be the Messiah,
Taking the saved and unsaved with him to the grave.
And great spiritual leaders have already led their sheep astray
Following the way
Partaking in the gray.
Some afraid to be strong.
Some blinded eyes unable to see right from wrong.
But judgment will rain and shepherds will pay
For not only their sins on the Great Judgment Day.
But God has already said all that He has to say.
His warning is clear.
His directions precise.
Israel is the compass of time, wrong, and right.
On our knees we should be praying for mercy
And wisdom and knowledge and the armor of His Word.
For He’s coming like a thief,
No hour or day confirmed.
And the false messiah will come first
Be perceived as the one
And he is a son,
But not of God.

It’s so easy to see how easy it will be.
How a man of no stature or name recognition
Can so easily be conditioned
And positioned
As the most powerful man on earth,
When no one really knows the place of his birth.
I say to question the accepted and compare it to God’s Word.
Or the wool will be pulled over your eyes
And your spirit won’t be heard.
The clock is tick-tocking, and time isn’t stopping.
It’s happening the way God has ordained
And so you shouldn’t complain.
But be wise and keep your eyes
On Jerusalem and Him.
Let the Spirit guide and lead
And don’t believe what you hear and see
Just ‘cause it’s on Christian TV.
Believe it ‘cause it’s how it’s supposed to be.
He’ll establish the peace, solve problems,
Be handsome and just,
Quick to power, and have a true leader’s trust.
But make your choice wisely
For when the Shofar is blown and
Messiah appears and the Victor is known,
All knees will bow,
All tongues will agree,
And you’ll have decided by your alliance
Where you’ll spend eternity.
Think about it!

By:  Jaimie M. Engle

Calamity strikes.
The oil burning to the ground.
The shelves of the stores
left barren as people riot the streets;
loot whatever petty
physical pleasures
they can fit in their hands.
Throwing fire at buildings,
watch cities burning.
Major metropolises
which once housed beauty and culture and art
in the flesh,
reveal the filth and the sin
of the heart,
the true attitude.
The real deal is
that people will begin
to go through the food
in their homes
as they watch the destruction
and chaos unfold.
Until by and by
like Old Mother Hubbard,
their pantry is dry.
Then the real heart condition
is put to the test,
when WalMart is closed,
no truckers en route.
Could this be a form of John’s
Revelational drought?
Now people are hungry
and starving
without skills to find food
stealing and killing
like God said in His Word.
So Martial law starts
with curfews and freedoms removed
as our forefathers
scream their democracy
cannot be
when men’s hearts are selfish and cruel.
Food is rationed and given,
a one time basis
until the very provision
is exploited and hoarded,
as the greed and distrust
of this perverse and wicked
generation is exposed.
And God slowly lifts his finger
letting our Sodom and Gomorrah
rule us for a while.
Then that white horse rides in
and the Abomination of Sin
proclaims the answers to all of the problems
lies in Him,
both great and small,
for both Jew and Greek,
for both man and woman.

“The answer is simple,” he says.
“Just give me your hand.
I need to stamp it with code,
a mark,
to infiltrate this plan.
As I allow food to go back
on the shelves
you just show them your hand
and they’ll feed you and your fam.
But I love all
of my children,
like a good shepherd should,
so I need to make sure
there’s no wolf in sheep’s
I can’t let you have
more than you can.
So you can’t buy or sell
Without my mark on your hand.”

Can’t you see this vision
taking place
in this nation
without any fight
from the people?
This could be the way
it is set up to go down,
setting Believers apart
through their stomachs
and fleshly desires
that are
the Spirit
for lack of preparation.
One nation
under God
may just be words
written on bills
that soon won’t be worth
a bean on a hill.

It’s time to pray
and fast,
for the End could be near
and we are not supposed to be in fear.
We need to prepare our hearts
and spirits and souls.
We need to stock up on food
for ourselves
and those who don’t know,
so we can show the love
of God during this plight.
For we walk by faith and not by sight.
And how much brighter is a light
in the dark verses the day?
We have been called
to know by the Spirit
what to do and to say.
Five virgins were standing,
five prepared, five were not,
and if you’re not prepared,
your soul will be
what’s been caught!