Prophecies 2013
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Staged Resistance & Equal "Play"    Dec 29th
Systematic                      Dec 29th
Lack of Hearing,Perceiving, Understanding  Dec 20th
Fresh & Breezy               Dec 14th
I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes    Dec 9th
Fork in the Road              Dec 6th
About Face                     Dec 3rd
Tailor Made                    Nov 30th
The Sword Pierced Me Through     Nov 21st
Chaotic Insurgence         Nov 11th

No Remorse                    Oct 29th
I'll Crack Open Hidden Understanding  Oct 20th
The Great Humbling        Oct 12th
Oppression Lifted          Sept 26th
Faded Roses                   Sept 3rd
Nations in Derision         Aug 30th
Ingenuity                       Aug 2nd
Speak My Truth             July  17th
Surges, Changes & Glory  July  4th
Gradient Measures          May  14th
Systematic                    May 9th
Time in a bottle            March   24th
Rides of March            March    15th
Incredible Boosters      March    6th
Reformers                    Feb    22nd
Incredible Energy         Jan     3rd
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