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Be Not Unbelieving                               Dec.24th
Curious                                                  Nov 28th
Crunch Time                                          Nov 18th
I Am Your Everything                           Oct 18th
Reset Your Focus                                 Sept 15th
Bombs Away                                         August 4th
Stop Making My Father's House a Marketplace! 6/25
June Word                                        June 12th
May   Word                                       May 26
April  word                                       April  7th  
Australia Word                                 March 31st      
Havoc Warning Glywn McInnes            2004 word
Leaning on the Everlastinhg Arms        Feb 21
Signs for the Church & Israel              Feb 11th
Surge of Mask Removals                      Feb 4th
Word for Iraq & Soldiers                    Jan 21st 
I Am Removing the Waste Places         Jan 5th

2011 Word: The Year of Opening Doors